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Wed, 14 June 2017 17:20:29

June Probate Real Estate Webinar Series: Three Webinars Teaching Probate Real Estate 20 Minutes at a Time

Kevin Sayles, a real estate professional from Monrovia, CA is holding a series of real estate training courses this June.

This month, Sayles is conducting a 3-event webinar series: the first named the “Probate ‘Speed Dating’ Webinar,” the second named “Working Probate Leads,” and the final webinar called, “Making the First Contact”.

Kevin Sayles is the author of the best-selling book Probate Real Estate Sales 101. He trains real estate agents and investors in the fast-growing probate real estate niche. Since the early 1990’s, Sayles has been closing probate property transactions. Over the years, he organized his knowledge and materials into the book he authored.

Today, he continues to share his knowledge through products he sells on his website, and through his series of webinars, workshops and seminars where he shatters the top myths of probate and reveals his probate secrets.

Sayles explains, “There is a gold mine of opportunity in the real estate industry if you know where to look. People above 80 years old are the fastest growing demographic in America.”

He continues, “More than 64% of baby boomers plan to stay in their homes when they retire, and that is more than double what it was in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Of these baby boomer’s homes, as many as 85% would end up in probate courts if the owners died.”

Sayles elaborates, “Many people are aware of the probate real estate niche, but they are not prepared for all of its oddities. However, probate is a growing real estate segment where sales are extremely flexible because nearly 80% of probate real estate is owned free and clear or has a large amount of equity.”

This is the catalyst that prompted his book and training series. As he helped agents and investors to close their transactions over the years, he realized that there is growing market for the knowledge he possesses and he continues to share through his webinars and products.

In the first webinar in this series “Probate ‘Speed Dating’,” webinar attendees will learn the basic probate real estate sales process in 20 minutes. Sayles, a veteran of the Los Angeles, California real estate market calls his course, “a ‘No-fluff’ webinar that is quick to the point, and will train agents and investors how to make more money in real estate by working within the Probate niche.”

On the website, the “Probate ‘Speed Dating’” webinar course explains that webinar attendees will learn:

- Why Probate Real Estate is important in 2017?
- Are there good deals in Probate? Why? How do you get them?
- What to do when you make the first contact and what info to gather?
- What is the sale process on a Probate Property?
- What is the difference between Court Confirmation vs. Non-Confirmation.
- How does the probate court bidding process work?

The Probate “Speed Dating” webinar will be held this Wednesday evening, June 14 at 6:00 pm.

The second event in the series will be the Working Probate Leads webinar. The website explains this webinar as being designed to help real estate professionals get started finding leads and help them to put a property under contract. This course will answer the following questions:

- How do you obtain Probate leads?
- What do you do once you have them?
- How do you get the process started to build a probate pipeline?
- Who do you contact?
- Who is the decision maker?
- What do you say?

The Working Probate Leads webinar will be held Wednesday evening, June 21, at 6:00 pm

The final webinar for this June series will be “Making the First Contact.” Sayles encourages attendees, “Don't make the same mistakes so many agents and investors make on their first contact.” In this webinar, he will train attendees on what to do once the real estate professional has contacted the potential seller. This webinar will answer the following agent questions:

- What information you should gather?
- How to, and when can you put the property under contract?
- What are the next steps?

Participants in this webinar will also receive a free tool developed by Sayles to use during their first contact with a lead. “Making the First Contact” webinar will be held Tuesday, June 27, at 10:00 am. To attend any or all of the June webinar series, you must sign up at . The webinar fees are $15 each webinar.

If you would like more information on any of these webinars or any other Kevin Sayles speaking events, please call or visit


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