Sat, 17 February 2018
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Fri, 17 November 2017 00:30:50

Adenna LLC Announces That Dark Light Nitrile Gloves Have Been Named Antron Brown's Tool Of The Week

Adenna LLC recently announced that Dark Light nitrile disposable gloves were selected as 3X Top Fuel World racing champion Antron Brown's tool of the week.

Adenna LLC, a global distributor of gloves and other protective equipment, based out of Southern California, recently announced that the Dark Light nitrile disposable gloves were selected as Antron Brown’s “tool of the week.” The company stated that Antron Brown is a professional drag racer, and is the three-time Top Fuel World racing champion.

Adenna went on to provide further information about the Dark Light nitrile disposable gloves. According to Adenna, the gloves are free of both powder and latex. The company also pointed out that Dark Light nitrile gloves measure an average of 9 millimeters in finger thickness, which provides extra protection and a strong resistance to wear and tear. Adenna went on to say that the Dark Light type of nitrile disposable glove is one of the thickest makes of black color nitrile gloves on the market. Adenna also mentioned that these gloves are softer and stretchier than most other nitrile gloves, and are optimized for a comfortable fit around the hands.

Adenna also announced that the Dark Light nitrile gloves are made of 100% rubber, and are latex and powder free. Adenna pointed out that the fact that these gloves are latex and powder free means that they are less likely to cause allergic reactions among wearers. Adenna also stated that these gloves do provide a textured grip. Adenna mentioned that Antron Brown selected these gloves as his tool of the week, due to their strong performance capabilities, as well as their comfort and safety. Adenna LLC can be followed at


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