Sun, 21 January 2018
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Sun, 10 December 2017 00:33:41

Photon Communications & Electrical Supply Company Adds A Reviews Widget On Its Site For Customer Ratings And Reviews

Photon Communications has added a Reviews widget on its website. The new feature was added on the newly launched website following its full makeover that lasted a few months.

After launching its fully refurbished website a few weeks ago, Photon Communications has added an interactive feature that will enable customers to post reviews and ratings on the site. The new digital tool is featured as a TrustedSite widget on the company's website.

Photon Communications has unveiled a customer-oriented feature on its recently refurbished website. The company has added a TrustedSite Reviews widget on its online portal for collecting customer reviews and ratings. The company upgraded its GoDaddy domain to TrustedSite status, which is a Certified Domain with a McAfee SECURE trustmark. TrustedSite is the product of a partnership between GoDaddy and McAfee. It integrates its "Reviews" widget into the McAfee SECURE certification, which is a very easy and convenient platform for collecting unlimited ratings and reviews from customers directly on the site.

The site reviews are displayed in a McAfee SECURE Safe Browsing Chrome extension, which has more than 90,000 users currently. The Reviews widget is featured on the mid left-hand side border of the site and users need only click on it to access. Upon clicking, the widget launches a secure popup window where users are free to leave comments, rate the site, and even post questions. Currently, the posted reviews and ratings may be displayed in the directory, the SafeBrowsing Chrome extension search results and verification window, and the TrustedSite reviews widget.

With its newly added Reviews feature, Photon Communications will actively engage its customers in diligent evaluation of their satisfaction in order to improve its business operations. The 1st generation company has introduced several other new features on its renovated website in order to enhance its functionality and improve user-experience. The new website came with a fully functional online electrical shop with a versatile shopping cart for round-the-clock online sales from anywhere in the world. The company's catalog is also available on the site. They can be followed at


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