Sun, 21 January 2018
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Sun, 10 December 2017 00:34:58

Illinois Philatelic Company Releases The Final Details Of Its Upcoming Public Auction

Rasdale Stamp Company has shared the last bit of information regarding its last public auction this year.

Rasdale Stamp Company has posted all the final details of the upcoming Public Auction #434 on its website. This is the last public stamp sale for the company this year and it will be conducted in two sessions spread over two days.

Rasdale Stamp Company has unveiled all the finer details of its upcoming public auction on its website. In a move that assures everyone that everything is on schedule, the company has included all the terms of sale and lot specifics in two digital and a downloadable publications, which are all freely available on its online portal. Public Auction #434 features a total of 1,918 lots as compared to Public Auction #433, which managed 1,795 lots in August. The forthcoming auction is mainly dominated by collections, accumulations, stocks and covers from the United States and from various foreign sources. But there is also a sizable amount of space memorabilia, supplies and literature, rare postage, picture postcards, US airmail, rare coins, and all kinds of miscellaneous collectables from all over the world.

The 434th public auction, which will run from November 18-19, will mark the company's last such event for 2017. Pre-auction bids continue to flow in via mail, fax, email and phone until 6:00 pm (CST) on Friday the 17th of November. All opening bids will be posted on the company's website and updated until Friday. The live auction will be held in the company's auction gallery in Westmont, Illinois. Lots will be available for viewing in the same location from Saturday to Friday, November 11-17. Live auction bidding will be conducted in two sessions: Session One will be on Saturday the 18th of November from 10:00 am (New York time) or 9:00 am (CST) and Session Two will be on Sunday at the same time. Live auction bidding will be done either in person or online via Rasdale's Live Auction Bidding platform — phone bidding is not available. The company can be followed at


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