Tue, 24 October 2017
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Sat, 22 April 2017 16:49:48

Felicia Slattery Gives Girl Scout Troop Some Expert Speaker Training

Internationally acclaimed speaking coach Felicia Slattery trains Knoxville, Tennessee Girl Scout troop, helping the young women find and take command of their voice. The bestselling book author learned these same skills as a young girl and it has made all the difference in her life.

Internationally acclaimed speaking coach and local Knoxville, Tennessee resident Felicia Slattery has been invited to train local Knoxville Girl Scout Cadette Troop 20269 to earn a badge for a cause she is passionate about, helping young women find their voice and take command of leaning how to speak it. The bestselling book author herself learned the same skills as a young girl and says it has made all the difference in her life.

"The female voice is so important in our world today," says Slattery. "Young women have the opportunity to stand in their greatness like no other time in history. Learning how to speak with dignity and poise while connecting with an audience is a powerful tool to command respect and accomplish their goals in life. I am honored to work with the local Girl Scout troop as they earn this important badge."

Slattery grew up first just outside Philadelphia where at age seven had the opportunity to speak in front of hundreds of people at her church and later moved to the western suburbs of Chicago where she continued in front of audiences in school plays and on the speech team. Unlike most people who would reportedly rather die than get up in front of an audience, Felicia fell in love with the stage and never looked back.

The skills she shared with the Girl Scouts at their training seminar this past Wednesday and next week are the same that she gives to aspiring speakers, authors, experts, her celebrity clients, and C-Suite Fortune 500 executives. These skills are the foundation for every person who wants to flourish as a speaker in front of any crowd:

1. How to stand powerfully in front of an audience, even if they seem like they have little interest in what the speaker has to say.

2. How to present any topic using both verbal and nonverbal communication to enhance the message and communicate the meaning effectively.

3. How to persuade an audience to achieve a positive change in the world and do it so others easily and happily buy in.

4. How to tell stories to support a point of view, move a message and cause forward, and create rapport with those in the audience.

These speaking skills, as well as many more the Girl Scouts will learn through delivering their presentations to an audience filled with adults and other young people at a special end-of-the-season banquet, will serve the young women as they progress as leaders in their communities and in life. Will this be the last time they get such great training? Not if Slattery has her way!

"Whether it is through me or any other speaking coach, every young person in America should learn these types of skills. They will only serve you more and more in your schooling and as you grow into adulthood."

Slattery holds two masters degrees and previously has taught at the collegiate level for more than a decade in the Chicago area. She now is a keynote speaker, and presents workshops and seminars to companies, schools, and organizations throughout the country on a regular basis. She has found her skill set more and more in demand as people look to develop their communication and presentation skills and aspire to work on their individual self-improvement. Learn more about Felicia on her blog at FeliciaSlattery.com.


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